Privacy Policy

This Privacy Policy Statement covers our policies for both web accesses and mail list participation.  TR American Patriot Corporation believes the internet is a wonderful resource for personal empowerment because of the rapid access to a wide range of historical and current information.


However, it can also be used to collect more relatively personal information, sometimes identifiable down to you as an individual  (or at least to the user(s) of your individual browser or mail client). There is tremendous economic advantage in being able to make these identifications which is driving a whole sub-industry on the internet.  Because it is important to you to know how information is being used, we think short and to the point covers it best.

TR American Patriot Corporation does not provide any specific individual data collected in any way at this site to any organization, individual (or word game entity not defined).  Your email address will not be sold or given to another organization or third party by TR American Patriot Corporation.  If you have further questions about our privacy policy, please contact Robert J. Kuniegel.