Legel agreement

Legal Agreement For Contest Participation: Our contests are totally free. You must agree to the terms of our contests.

You agree to hold  TR  American Patriot Corporation as a good Samaritan in the process of administering all cash contests and by your act of participation in any contest you agree that no legal action by yourself or on your part will be brought against TR American Patriot Corporation. You also agree that any action on your part where TR American Patriot Corporation finds the need to seek legal council will void any cash prize you may believe you have won. You must be a legal resident of the United States. You agree to take responsibility for knowing and following any laws by your state and municipality where you reside that may pertain to cash contests.  If you are not of age, you must have a legal guardian accept any cash that you may win.

I am truly sorry that an agreement like this is necessary but it will insure that all of the money which we collect goes toward cash contests and not to lawyers.  I give you my personal guarantee that the contest will be run in Theodore Roosevelt fashion, which is as honest and open to inspection as I find possible.

Placing a check in the box next to this message is an acknowledgment that you accept the terms of our contest.