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One thing that you will find out about Theodore Roosevelt is that he was consistent in his basic beliefs from youth till death.  If he made an error he did not hesitate to set the record straight.  No one ever proved his basic principles to be in error.


RJK thinks two short speeches will give you an understanding of  TR's  Patriotic wisdom and life long dedication to his fellow citizens.  Remember that these speechs do not differ from the message he delivered throughout his life.

The speech he delivered hours after he received confirmation that his youngest son Quetin died in World War 1. Submitted by RJK

The speech he wrote about 24 hours before his death. His final message to the citizens of the country he loved. Submitted by RJK

We will add submissions from our members from time to time as you discover things about TR's actions that have had a profound effect upon your understanding of this visionary intellectual giant.

Did you know TR was an Author?

Class Government Speech Hits the Target Today and Will Hit the Target 100 Years from Today.

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How TR helped save Football video, dedicated to my 9 year old grandson, Arion, who loves football.


 The Glen Beck Challenge!


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