Plant your own government honesty seed

 Make every day this year a Memorial Day to place a little seed for honesty in government that will bloom and produce honest public servants. It is possible..... please hear me out.

This country has had but one President each century that has distinguished himself as being exceptionally honest. All three have been exceptionally great Presidents. I believe Americans can play a part in giving us another great honest President if the people awake and really say that is what we desire but we need a way to say and express that desire. I will explain how.

We had honest George Washington that could not tell a lie in the 18th century. Honest Abe Lincoln in the 19th. Theodore Roosevelt in the 20th who wrote and spoke tens of millions of words in complete honesty. Plus he backed everything up by actions that proved he believed in the words he spoke.

The honesty seed concept is the easiest and most constructive thing you will ever be given an opportunity to do for our country. Theodore Roosevelt and the people that knew him have already completed the hard work. They have left a written record of the results that you can expect when people follow the role model examples set by Theodore Roosevelt during his lifetime. By the way, TR had many role models that portrayed honesty including two presidents George Washington and Abraham Lincoln. Thousands of citizens can make TR a role model for honesty through the use of the Internet and the fact that numerous books can be freely distributed without restrictions because they are now out of copyright. Never before in the history of mankind has an opportunity like this existed to help start a meaningful movement calling for honesty in government. Technology and the well-documented life of Theodore Roosevelt is a marriage made in heaven or so it seems to me.

If you do not believe a politician could be completely honest in words and deeds and make it all the way to the presidency, I have $1000 for you. All you need to do is find one dishonest word or deed spoken or written by Theodore Roosevelt. This little reward exercise will help prove TR was completely honest, which will be something very hard for people to comprehend in today's political world but it is true. When skeptics start to understand TR was completely honest his examples will resonate even stronger across America. If you remain skeptical about Theodore Roosevelt’s honesty, you will never understand the truth in his words or see the beauty of a life well lived in total dedication to his fellow citizens and you will pass up your opportunity to help improve America.

A second thousand dollars will be donated to the Theodore Roosevelt scholarship essay fund if 100 new members register at in June. Your joining donation of $10 is a non-painful investment in your country, but your being counted as a person that wants honesty in government is just as important.

This web site is dedicated to introducing people to Theodore Roosevelt’s square deal honesty. All the membership money is strictly used to reward students that enter the essay contest using our free books that are also offered to anyone that visits the web site. Your membership actually has a duel impact of saying you want honesty and your small donation puts your desire into action. Both are seeds that will help produce honesty. Theodore Roosevelt's love of honesty, love of his fellow citizens and love of his country is infectious when you read about the life he lead.

TR American Patriot .com is introducing Americans to one of our greatest almost forgotten treasures and you can help. We have over 30 free books. If you do not know much about this president, sit back and listen to the one-hour audio of 25 book descriptions. This will give you a pretty good overview of the man that dedicated himself to whatever needed to be done that was in his power to change.

There is one more thing Theodore Roosevelt can do for you and me and the country he loved. He can inspire citizens about the value of honesty and he can help produce a new class of politicians if people start supporting this web site (It is set up to grow like a University where really interested members could become trustees to help pass it on to the next generation.) Check it out and help plant a seed. Theodore Roosevelt said: “If the people ever awake to an issue the politicians will soon follow”.  There is an urgent need for honesty in government. Awake, become a founding member and make our numbers grow. We will be heard and the politicians will follow. This is the best I have to offer. It has taken me one year, thousands of dollars and countless long days to scan and edit our books for your use. I gladly have taken the risk of failure because I owe much more to the country than I can repay. The most difficult part of this venture is to get average Americans to realize that only they can make this political movement happen. It makes perfect sense to me that if we want political honesty to become an issue, we must respect Theodore Roosevelt. He writes about others out of the pages of history that portrayed honesty. He stood on their shoulders when he called for honesty in government and it worked! We can stand on his shoulders calling for honesty today and it will work again! Please join today and take your own part in making it happen.