Living Memorial

What was Theodore Roosevelt’s reward for his unselfish gifts to the United States?

He had 3 of 4 sons die in wars. His fourth son had his arms crippled in war. Can you name one other President that sent a single son to the front of any war? He gave his most cherished treasure, which stands as a final proof of his dedication to this country but, far from the only proof.

He refused offers of wealth and chose to write because he believed he could be of benefit to future generations that could learn from the thousands of books he read, the people he met and his experiences in life.

To date his unselfish generosity has not been repaid. Most people do not have a clue about what he wrote and how the life that he led improved their lives.

This web site is a living monument that is designed to have people read the books written about him by the people that knew him. Plus it is designed to have people read the books and speeches that he wrote. You will not find anything in his life that did not involve doing something for others. His greatest gift to us is not in the past, as great as his many accomplishments were. His greatest gift is in our books and it may never be realized. His life story contained in these books tells how we as citizens can keep this country from the foes within and out.

It cost $10 to become a registered member. All of the membership money is used to create cash awards for student essay contests. Members can help judge the contest if they like, but that is not a requirement. If you do not like the direction our country is going, Theodore Roosevelt’s words and examples can move the country in the right direction as he did in the past. Join and be part of this living tribute to Theodore Roosevelt’s final wish to be of greater benefit to this country.

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