The Goal of this website project is to gather 1000 names with their email address, of people that say they would like to see Aaron's work continue & deliver it to the Swartz family for Christmas. Nothing more is asked of anyone through this website.

Christmas was Theodore Roosevelts favorite Holiday.

TR gave gifts everyday of the year. The best gifts you can not hold in your hands. TR once received a book “How the Other Half Lives”. After reading it he went to the author, Jacob Riis, to ask him how he might help.

Sometimes it is just a simple voice of support that can change Tragedy into a story of a life well lived.

Aaron Swartz lived a story book life wishing to help people. He was destroyed for trying to study academic journals in a manner which would unlock the sequestered information and foster human innovation. That seems unbelievable but it is true. Learning his story and telling others about him will find the TR’s of the world that will say, “What may I do to help”?

A month after Aarons death a 15 year old from Baltimore read sequestered academic journals & figured out a early detection test for pancreatic cancer which is saving lives. He said this is why Aaron’s work was so important.

The best gift that Santa can give is Love that Grows.

Would you love to Help turn Aaron’s Tragedy into a Love Story by simply saying to the Swartz family Aaron’s work should continue?