This is a short 2022 facebook conversation. The topic: Is Theodore Roosevelt’s usefulness buried with his bones?

You said: “I’m not knocking TR's accomplishments, yet, for perspective, he was pre-WWI, pre-stock market crash, pre-corrupt CIA(!!), pre-Fed reserve banks & annihilation of the Gold Standard. He did not have the barriers existent today. Times were in his favor”.

Wow! You can only say that if you do not know Theodore Roosevelt’s life story. There’s so much that I could say about the similarities between then and now. But let me go a different route. 

He loved his children more than anything in his world but was willing to sacrifice them for the nation, by helping them get to the front line of World War One  when they requested help. That might sound sick to some parents today who think life is more important than moral character or to parents that believe we start wars without proper justification. But what I want you to get out of that fact is that from the time Theodore Roosevelt was a young boy to the time he died there was nothing he would not do for the nation. That’s a fact if you know his life story.

Theodore Roosevelt was also an intellectual. He read about great people in history and patterned his life in part to what he read about courageous people. He said many times these people helped him be courageous. Given TR’s intellect and his love of books it is obvious that TR wished to document his life in our history books so that we would gain from his examples, as he gained from the examples of his heroes in history books. He believed people would read about him in history books. In a sense TR is trying to help us from his grave, which is only natural because there is nothing he would not do for the nation, including creating an opportunity to tell us what he learned about fighting corruption from the pages of history.

Let me also submit, that search as you may, you will never find another president who’s life is better documented. There’s a reason for that. He told many biographers to find the worst about him and the best about him and print it. Numerous books, over 50,000 letters, volumes of public documents are available. I’ll give you $10,000 if you can find one lie. I posted that offer 10 years ago on the Internet & have not retracted it.  If need be, I could also show you why your assertion of him living in a simpler time has nothing to do with today. Would you like me to take on that argument?

( No response )

I do want to thank you for the conversation but so far I have gained nothing from it, except  an opportunity to say your logic is flawed. I guess I'm still trying to figure out why people are so stuck on not having a workable plan to improve the nation. What is it that you are doing that has a chance of working? 

We do live in different times than TR and powerful influencers have become more sophisticated. They control the media narratives and have undermined confidence in the election process. Immoral acts take place around the world in the name of national security and the perpetrators are shielded by secrecy laws.

Today people have no choice but to blink these sad facts away and continue to do the same old thing, thinking they are going to get a different result. TR fought all of these types of corruption in his lifetime and was successful. His methods have been forgotten. Consider this: if there's nothing to learn from TR because he lived in a different time, there is nothing to learn from George Washington’s deeds or what the founding fathers wrote, that will help us, because criminals were not as sophisticated as they are today. See a problem with your “TR is dead too long” logic? 

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