Theodore Roosevelt walked a straight line of Absolute Honesty. 

He inspired people to desire honest government. 

The desire of honesty in government is the first necessary step toward better government. 

The Bull Moose Party is just one of many ways to promote honesty in government. 

If you have another way to promote TR honesty,  America needs your help!  Use our books. Everything on this website is free, with absolutely no commitments. Promote honesty in government . Share these books.

The New Bull Moose Party, platform and structure.

A very strong case can be made that the American people as a whole have lost the ability to love America's promise of equal justice. The new revived Bull Moose Party will teach Americans about the attributes contained in our heritage that will make it possible for people to fall in love with America again. Here is the structure of the revived party. The planks contained in the platform can be found in the forward of Theodore Roosevelt's autobiography.

It is not possible to teach someone how to love America. When we learn about the attributes that built America we can learn to love her. Education is how we could win back our nation which we lost. Having the proper educational curriculum plan is a necessity. Are there enough individuals that Love our country left in this nation to pick up a torch and say we want to learn about our Heritage? If there are, Love of country will grow ( form a Bull Moose Chapter ). Our party teaches lofty American ideals.

When we love something we nurture it, and it grows strong. Most Americans have forgotten how to love America. So we have decayed. We cannot teach patriotism ( Love of country ) but we can teach about the attributes of America. If we do, people will have an opportunity to fall in love and nurture our nation back to health.

No one will be allowed to be a Leader in the Bull Moose Party unless they read all 79 books in the TR American Patriot Library. There are three categories of books: books that Theodore Roosevelt wrote, books that his contemporaries wrote about him and books that Theodore Roosevelt read. The books cover early American history from the time of the Indians up to the end of Theodore Roosevelt’s life, world history, every American Heroes story, Presidential papers, a 5-book collection of James Fenimore Cooper’s Leather Stocking Tales, (whose central character is a totally selfless pioneer). Theodore Roosevelt loved The Leather Stocking Tails and raved about them (which tells you that Theodore loved selfless people). There is one book about World War One written by TR Junior, one fiction book, written at the time of TR’s death about a soldier that was inspired by the words of Theodore Roosevelt. Many soldiers were inspired (50,000 soldiers actually volunteered to fight under him in the Great War).

Of all Theodore Roosevelt’s accomplishments, his biggest accomplishment was the ability to inspire people toward lofty ideals. He was the first to say none of the things that he accomplished could have been accomplished by himself. His inspirations spanned out across the nation. He had eclectic interests. Preservation was only one area where he inspired our nation. We prospered as a Nation, because of his interests and ability to articulate favorable roads to travel.

A total understanding of the books in the TR library will teach the reader about the attributes which went into the making of the American Constitution, and the attributes of those that envisioned the great nation.

The leaders of the Bull Moose party do not need to agree with everything that Theodore Roosevelt preached. TR would be the first to invite open discussion of anything. If the leader can articulate anything they disagree with, it is for the torchbearers to judge. But we will know that all our leaders have a firm understanding of American history Heritage.

Theodore Roosevelt thought it was an absolute necessity that voters know exactly what a politician thinks about everything, whether it cost votes or not. He not only spoke about this, he practiced what he preached. Words without action are worthless according to Theodore Roosevelt. He never preached anything that he didn’t practice in his own life. He was as straight as an arrow. We need our leaders to emulate him, total honesty and straight as an arrow.

We can teach what these attributes are. That is what the structure of the Bull Moose party does. If we educate in this manner, Americans can regain their heart, which has been lost. Americans will have an opportunity to fall in love with the attributes that made America great.

This Party, and educational curriculum, is how we take back America. Give Americans an opportunity to love her, by making a plan to read all of the books on this website. Individuals that band together can change history. If they have nothing to organize around, like what is suggested here, there is no way to dictate what the world will become. We will continue on, to our total destruction, led by leaders practiced in rhetoric which hides what they believe.

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