My wife can testify to the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed Mr. Kelly's full-page hit piece article because of some of the absurd conclusions. I had an interesting election day in Philadelphia. It was nothing that would resemble what Chris Kelly thought it would be like, in his 11-6-16 Scranton Sunday Times article. Mr. Kelly would have his readers believe that there is not one case of voter fraud in America. Human nature teaches us that is absurd. We put locks on doors to keep honest people honest.  Crooks will try to find their way in regardless of the locks. So how can Mr. Kelly think there is no voter fraud when many parts of our election laws rely on simply trusting that people will not collude to take what is not rightfully theirs. We have the technology and the ingenuity to insure that only legal citizens are able to vote and that the votes are tabulated 100% accurately.


Why should legal citizens continue to be disenfranchised by criminals committing voter treason?  Theodore Roosevelt is quoted as saying “If ever the people awake to an  issue the politicians will follow”. We have many evils being perpetrated on our Nation because of people failing to realize that freedom is not free and civic awareness coupled with action is part of the price of our freedom. Our country is facing its greatest threat since 1776. Many have given their lives for our freedom. Now is the time for all good citizens that love our country to become educated on important issues so that our politicians will be forced to follow the will of the people not simply the will of the elite or special interest groups. Check out these web sites and start forming a informed opinions and become part of the solution. & 

 Not everyone who voted for Mr. Trump knew that America was on the edge of the abyss. 

But those of us who knew that our constitutional nation would end, if our justice system could be used as a weapon against one class of citizens and favor an elite group by applying the same laws unequally. We have a responsibility to our Nation.

The group of Americans that have recognized the abyss from which there would have been no return to our constitutional form of government must not simply fall asleep. If we thin it is up to our leaders to do all the important work, you are not thing correctly. There is more to good citizenship than simply electing leaders and being good consumers. We must work tirelessly to convince those that have been distracted from moral civic responsibilities. People need to look toward the greater good and set aside provincial biases.

We must calmly point out the lack of logic if someone is not focused upon the greater good, which should always be our final measure of right and wrong. 

Personal bias preferences which distract people from considering the greater good was on vivid display in the 2016 presidential election.  If a person is not honest you waste your time dealing with that person, because it is not possible to really know what is behind the mask of lies. This is true on an individual level and a national leadership level. 

We will die as a nation if we do not teach our children that our leaders should be role models with the values we wish them to adopt.

What would a Hillary Clinton presidency have meant to our children. In Lackawanna County it may have meant that someone has our respect because they can claim that they lived in Scranton at one point in their life. In Lackawanna County it may mean, that enough people thought that voting for president by gender had respect. It may have meant that successful legal maneuvers are more important, than the appearance of propriety or is it that the greater good of all means voting from a selfish interests perspective. What can my government do for me versus what is fair for all.

I am not claiming that people lack the ability to consider higher moral values but I do believe people become easily distracted by the chaos of day to day decisions. Evil can be a grand magician pointing our attention away from what is really important, while appealing to our passions. Grand talk is a Conman’s preferred tool. "A tree is known by its fruit" is a common sense filter to spot the Conman.

Hillary has plenty of grand talk but death and destruction surrounds her. If one just looks at how she has attempted to pervert our justice system one cannot deny her negative persona. Scandal after scandal after scandal has followed her career the destabilization of the Middle East is her legacy. Having minions appeal to the passion of ill reasoning  people who are rioting in the streets also show evil intent.

Contained in George Washington's farewell address to his beloved nation he said that he feared party politics because he thought that people would choose party before country. The 2016 presidential election should be used as a wake up call to all citizens that Great Nations can fall from within because chaos distracts us from considering the greater good, and directs us toward those who may be evil among us. If Hillary was not doing the devils work then there is no such thing as evil in this world. 

But who among us that supported Hillary is brave enough to consider that they may have made a mistake. A wise person once said that he was not sure of anything. This gave him the ability to keep an open mind and consider the words of someone that he disagreed with. Is there anyone that would give me that consideration?  I would be more than willing to debate in written form my position about this election. Something similar was once done in the Federalist papers which was a serious discussion, not a sham debate. If one does a one-sided conversation, such as Chris Kelly did, it's easy to misrepresent what one side is doing and saying.