rewards voter fraud

Rewards for catching Organized Voter Fraud:

Currently there are  (10 ), $5000 rewards available under this program.

The injured parties in this instance are the American people. I am acting as a Good Samaritan coming to the aid of my countrymen. If I should overlook any contingency that an ambulance chasing lawyer may wish to exploit I plead innocence because of my intent to help.

The earliest police report time of the incident of arrest along with the date of a validation letter mailed to yourself  ( explained below ) will determine who is eligible to receive $5000 of the $50,000 payout funded by Robert Kuniegel in this offer.

All rewards should be considered a  request for a bonus not an entitlement for individuals doing their civic duty. Reporting criminal activity to the proper authorities is a civic duty that this Good Samaritan wishes to reward. Any illegal activity on your part will make you not eligible for any type of requested reward through this offer. 
To be eligible for any of the bonuses listed herein you must prove that you had knowledge of the rewards offered within 30 days of a election violation. Completing the validation process properly will provide this proof.

Validation Letter:

Send yourself a self addressed registered letter before 7 days have lapsed from the date which you notified authorities, stating your action informing authorities of criminal activity. A mailing receipt will prove the date of the mailing should the post date on the envelope not be legible. Proof of date is your responsibility if this part of validation creates any issues.

Inside the self addressed letter you should say who was provided the information, and specifically what the information was that you provided about voter fraud. You also need to obtain a police report ( within 30 days of a arrest ) which documents the arrest. Send a copy of that police report to Look for a reply to ensure that it has been received.  You must have a copy of this reply to complete validation process. You must retain your "SEALED" self addressed letter along with the reply notice to be presented at a later time. The contents of the envelope will be used to verify that your information lead to the arrest. Request for a reward will not be considered after 30 days from the arrest.

Should more than one person make a valid reward request  on the same arrest, the reward may be split evenly between those making a claim if that seems appropriate. I will be the sole judge of any and all reward request, no exceptions.

By participating in this reward program you agree to abide by any decision made by Robert Kuniegel.

example: ( 1 )

Someone witnesses one person or more than one person voting more than once and you report the suspicious activity  and an arrest is made. The individual arrest leads to the arrest of the organizers of the voter fraud which is the target of this reward offer.

Example ( 2 )

I had inside knowledge or became aware of a person or persons organizing illegal voting activities and reported this person to police & an arrest was made.

Example ( 3 )

I became aware of collusion between judges of election making it possible for votes to be cast for people who did not cast a vote.

Example ( 4 )

I became aware of electronic vote manipulation and passed on the information and caused an arrest to be made.

If the arrest of low level voting vote fraud criminals leads to the arrest and conviction of an organizer you are eligible to request a $5000 reward, if you have the proper documentation described above & if the $50,000  cap has not been reached. No arrests were made in the 2016 election when the program was initiated so the money is still available. If an arrest and conviction happens and individual claims are less than the $50,000 cap and the tip receives great publicity that  exposes organized voter fraud I have the option and will most likely exercise the option to  increase the $5,000 reward up to part or all of the money remaining in the $50,000 funding.

You may email me at or text me at 570-550-2235 and ask to be considered for a reward. I will provide the required reply which you will need to complete the validation process. You may act through a third party if you wish to remain anonymous but you will need to provide sufficient proof that you are the person which informed the authorities during completion of the validation process. Failure to do so may cause rejection of your request for reward consideration. By participating in this reward program you agree to abide by any decision made by Robert Kuniegel.

The $50,000 cap would be paid out upon conviction of individuals involved in organized voting fraud. Completion of the validation process ( which includes presentation and opening the self addressed envelope ) would be completed after the arrest and before anyone goes on trial.
The money would be paid in 60 days of the conviction, unles

s it is necessary to wait and to see if someone has a valid reward request before you &  is waiting on a possible conviction decision.. This would only come into play if possible rewards exceed the $50,000 mark.