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Search Entire Book: When you click on a book title scroll down to the bottom of the page. You will notice “Search Entire Book” on the left side of the column. Near that click “Launch Book”, after the book loads, hold down the control key and press “F” to search the book for a word or phrases. Copy and use whatever you like. You can also read the book using this window.

Title Column:  Click on the book title to Read or Listen to our Audio books. We have given you the option of copying all or part of our books from the read selection. Most on line book publishers do not give you this option.

Title Column:  When a book title appears twice, there are two types of essay contests for this book (which have a 100 to 1 chance of winning).

Description Column: Some descriptions are very short, others may be several pages. They give you some information about what you may find in the book and how the book may relate to other books and events. They are a good source for understanding Theodore Roosevelt’s planned approach for improving government.

Description Column: These are public access you do not need to be a member to read them. Item  “25 Book Descriptions” is completely public access including the audio version. If you would like different audio voices, there is a way but you will need to purchase, TextAloud software, a $30 program for $20 through our advertising department $10 off coupon. Sorry, I would make it free if I could but we cannot distribute other voices to the public because they have copyright protection. I personally like Microsoft Sam which has been made available for all of our audio books.

Description Column: Book descriptions are color coded so that you know which descriptions are included in 25 Book Descriptions Part One

Description Column: Color code green indicates that this individual description is included in the 25 Book Descriptions Part One.

Description Column: Color code red indicates that there is not a book description written. Perhaps you can be the Author.

Description Column: Color blue indicates that there is a description that is not included in the 25 document.

Our contests have been changed to scholarship and PTA & PTO awards verses individual $500 contests. Depending on funding when this site become popular enough to attract advertisers we will offer cash awards in all categories. The descriptions below are valid only the types of recipients have changed. When funding become available this section of the web site will open

Contest Type Column:  N/A -  there are no contests for this book.  Book Review & Favorite Story are two types of contests that you may enter for this book. You have one entry invitation without a time limit for use. You will receive other time limited  invitations from time to time based upon the level of donations.

Contest Status Column: Click the "Enter" button to learn how to participate in a cash contest. This takes you to an information page. Click “Participate” and you will see the entry form with a few more instructions. You do not need to submit an entry at this time. You can check it out if you wish. The entry is not made until you click submit.

Contest Status Column: sub-page. As long as your entry has not moved to the  judging phase you may withdraw it, here, and make another entry at another time if the invitation has not expired. Everyone receives one invitation without a time limit. When you join your invitation will appear under the My Contest Icon in the membership section & you will see enter buttons for the contest. If you do not have an active invitation there will be not enter buttons in this column.

No. of Entries Column: This is the number of entries which are on a waiting list for the next Contest Certification. There must be at least 100 entries on a waiting list before a contest can be certified and go into the judging phase. Every time a contest is certified from this list the number of entries on the waiting list will decrease by 100 entries.