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The Most Interesting American.  A very short book under 10,000 words. Julian Street first meets TR in 1916 for several interviews. He writes about these interviews. These interviews reveal a striking contrast between the man that should have been president in 1916 and how he would have approached the lead up to World War One. This is contrasted with the current President's actions that were 180 degrees opposite to what TR would have done.  A very interesting little book to the TR experts when you consider an incident that happened at the Republican National Convention in 1912 from Bishop’s “In his own words”. (not covered in this book). One might say that President Taft played Machiavelli, trying to hold power in any way possible & Elihue Root played Judus, helping to steel a fairly won primary election away from Theodore Roosevelt after Roosevelt's delegates were denied entry to the convention. If not for this act Theodore Roosevelt would have been President in 1916. When you read this book in the light of what happened in 1912 you can see how it is a definite possibility that Taft, Root and others caused the deaths of millions of people including TR’s youngest son, by changing the course of history. Here is the tragedy that befalls most honest people when others act in less than honorable ways. TR says; “Face facts as they are”! He also said; “It was his duty to spend and be spent”! He lived by his words and the world is better for a life well lived. Those that know their history can avoid tragedy. Have we forgotten Machiavellian philosophy caused this tragedy?