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State of the Union Address
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State of the Union Address 1901
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State of the Union Messages: Picture a bull dog with iron jaws latching on to an issue, while having the teeth of the bull dog represented by piercing arguments that hold the issue from all sides so that no valid consideration is overlooked or no special deal can be offered to confuse the issue. This is the type, of tenacity that TR used when making requests for needed legislation. This would be a marvel to witness if it were even just a few issues but he used this type of tenacity with hundreds of issues that he pushed through congress. TR was a bull dog when fighting evil. Evil was anything that did not benefit the public and the country. But that is not the only picturesque analogy that can be drawn by reading his State of the Union Messages. I see a master block mason first setting up his work area so that he will be able to do his best work. Then I see this master craftsman carefully but with speed build this country into a super power by setting block after block of the necessary foundation in place. Some take it for granted that we were destined to become an economic super power but I wonder how that would have been accomplished if TR did not fight for a square deal for the working class or a dozens of other issues that were essential to the prosperity that we enjoy today.
As you read or listen to these messages consider how many of his request for legislation were enacted that are of benefit to you personally. You may disagree with a few of his request out of the vast majority. But be careful to go back and look for qualifying statements & safeguards that needed to be considered. Politics is no longer practiced with TR's brand of philosophy. Machiavellian, expediency, special deals and retaining power as all important, have replaced TR's, Socratic thoughtful, square deals and willingness to make any office he held his last office. If holding that office required not doing his best for the public the office was not worth holding . If TR was the most successful president based upon his record of accomplishments why is the public not aware of the difference between how he accomplished his deeds and the accepted political expediency philosophy of today? This web site is about correcting that deficiency in our educational system & giving the people opportunities to reform government using the same methods that TR used.