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A Cartoon History of Roosevelt`s Career
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Albert Shaw
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Book Description

A Cartoon History of Roosevelt's Career By Albert Shaw 1910
This  is an excellent book even if it had no cartoons. With the cartoons this book is a treasure trove of knowledge about politics past and present. Cartoons from this period of time open a very wide view about public attitude and underhanded political tactics. There was a war that was raged to turn public opinion against the reforms that TR enacted. You can see in the large percentage of cartoons how the press, sometimes willfully other times out of ignorance tried to convince the people that TR was something that he was not. Looking back from our time, with the knowledge of history and the fruit of prosperity that grew from his wise actions the evil of ignorance is clearly displayed in some of these cartoons. You can see in these cartoons that every battle that people think is impossible to solve today because of miss-information, powerful wealth and ignorance was fought on a different battle field by TR 100 years ago. Some of the problems have changed, many have not, but that does not matter because the process of finding a solution is the key do problem solving. Some thought TR was impulsive making snap decisions. They were completely wrong. TR had a system of looking at a problem that narrowed down the possible solutions to a few choices in most cases. No matter what the problem was for TR possible solutions were tested based upon the best information that he could obtain. Was one side benefiting at the expense of another or was it a square deal for all sides?   He eliminated anything that was dishonest and measured everything by his Christian moral standard. When it came time to make a decision he did not have many solutions to choose from, which was his goal. Weather looking down the barrel of a drawn gun or facing down those making false charges against him, his edge was that he knew how, to take action quickly, because he did not worry about solutions that would not be effective. 
I believe TR deliberately planned to leave us the problem solving process he used. He was meticulous about insuring that the examples of his experiences and successes were well documented and that they were completely accurate where ever he could control what was written. I believe he would of rather cut of his hand than write something that was not accurate. His solution process can be overlooked if you do not think it possible for a person to say exactly what they mean and live by what they say. I believe he learned, about the solution process that he used, from history books that he read and wrote about. His successful experiences in life validated the correctness of what he read about. One section of his life works was writing about history for future generations. It is impossible that he was not considering that future generations would look and learn by the examples that he was placing in the history books about methods he used to make America a super power.  You might not know that TR loved to laugh and all these cartoons were an enjoyment to him. The fact that he could laugh at those that were trying to destroy him, which some of these cartoons clearly indicate, shows a person confident in his course of action. That is the power of knowing history, because what works and fails has been done many times before. As you learn about TR you will understand that knowing history was one of his many passions.